Why Your Hydroponic System May Need A Bubbler

If you are new to hydroponic gardening, you may be confused by all the different kinds of systems that are available to you. There are wick, ebb and flow, and water culture raft systems just to name a few. One of the most effective systems and easiest to use for beginners is that which uses the hydroponic bubbler. Although different plants thrive best in different systems, this is perhaps the system that you want to consider first if you are new to hydroponic gardening.

What do Bubblers Do?

Hydroponic bubblers pump oxygen into the water and mixes the nutrients in it. Without a bubbler, the water may not be oxygenated enough, which means your plants will not grow as quickly. The bursting air bubbles at the surface of the solution also creates a spray to keep the grow medium moist in the beginning stages of growth.

What Are the Advantages of a Bubbler?

Plants that are grown in a bubbler system tend to grow faster than those that are grown in a simple deep water culture system that does not have a bubbler. This is because the spraying effect of the bursting bubbles from a hydroponic bubbler provide the roots of the plant with better access to nutrient solution. In a system without a bubbler, the roots of the plants need to grow before they reach the reservoir of nutrients below, and so have less contact with the nutrient solution in earlier grow stages.

Another advantage of the bubbler system is that it is very easy for a novice to build and is perhaps one of the most efficient home hydroponic system you can make. While other systems sometimes require a more in depth knowledge of hydroponics, the bubbler system is relatively user friendly and the materials to build it are inexpensive and easy to find. hydroponics wholesaler

How to Build Your Own Bubbler

In order to build your own hydroponic bubbler, all you need is a plastic container with a plastic lid, several plastic cups, an air pump, an air stone, air tubing, and growth media such as perlite or rockwool.

Start making your bubbler by tracing the bottom of the plastic cups onto the lid of your container so that you end up with several circles that are the same dimensions as the bottom of your plastic cups. Cut out these holes and suspend the plastic cups in them so that they fit nicely without falling through. Make several holes in the side and bottom of each plastic cup so that water can flow through them.

Next you will need to put a hole in the side of the container for the air tubing to go through. Set up the air stone inside the container, and fill it almost to the top with nutrient solution and water. Put the lid on top of the container and place your plants inside the cups. Fill in any empty space in the cups with your growth medium

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