Understand Everything About Right to Information Online Course

The RTI or Right to Information online course is highly beneficial for public information officers, appellate authorities, assistant public information officers, officials helping all the above designated officers and even for the citizens and representatives of the Civil Society Organizations. Any other individual who would be a direct or an indirect stakeholder would also benefit from the RTI online course.

Objectives Served by the Course

The main objectives served by the online certificate course on Right to Information are: Online Courses Wollongong

Bringing greater transparency on Right to Information among designated and implementing officers.
Reaching out to the ones who have not got the scope of participating in any kind of sensitization or training initiatives on the RTO Act, 2005.
Facilitating the timely delivery of data by PIOs.
Ensuring the appreciation of the RTO Act, 2005 and its mandate among officers that have been designated under the Act and also among citizens.
Having informed citizens, stakeholders and civil society.
Outcomes of the Course

Individuals who are able to successfully complete the online certificate course on RTI get the following benefits:

Better understanding of the responsibilities and the roles of individuals and organizations concerned with the implementation of law and the enforcement of rights under law.
Sound knowledge of the different provisions of the Right to Information Act of 2005.
Perfect appreciation of obligations and rights for effective usage of RTI.
Proper understanding of the remedies or the solutions available when a certain organization is not successful in complying with the RTO Act.
Reliable guidance and suggestions on the right procedure of implementing the provisions of the RTI Act and the benefits of the Act.
Testing the knowledge of Information Seekers and Information Providers using the tool for the implementation of the Act.
The learners get a certificate on completing the course successfully and this comes as an incentive.

Online Course in Patent Procedure

Patent procedure online course covers the patent procedure in details and also includes prosecution responses, applications and continuing applications. The students get to analyze PTO forms with the main focus area being calendaring and shifting the patent forward. Students taking up this course get a clear understanding of the procedures, standards and means of communication with the Patent Office. There are several other topics covered which include the basics of patent law; pitfalls that need to be avoided when prosecuting patent applications and strategy and timeliness for preparing and filing responses to rejections.

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