How To Repair A Leaky Bathroom Tap In 7 Steps

Malfunctioning in household items may take place any time and one of the commonest malfunctions and the annoying one too may occur in form of a leaky bathroom tap. The moment one looks at the leaky bathroom tap, after being irritated by the sight, the other thought strikes the mind is about the repair; whether it could be done with the common household stuff or a plumber would be needed to fix the leaky tap, and the impulsive decision might go in favor of calling a plumber and one rushes to the telephone set so that an appointment could be fixed with a plumbing company instead of fixing the leaky tap on one’s own. You must have experienced the same situation some time in your life as well.

In fact, repairing a leaky tap is a much easier job as you might think and one can manage repairing it on his/her own quite well if follows the right direction and the steps with precautions. So first of all, find out the reason of leaking.

A leak in a bathroom tap is usually caused by an old and deteriorated washer and it needs to be replaced so as to make the tap function properly again. The other reason could be the existence of dirt on the seating which dos not let the washer sit fully on the seat, thus, it causes water dripping. Let’s learn how you can repair a bathroom tap without calling a professional service man from a plumbing company.

  1. Cut the Water Supply
  2. First of all, turn off the water supply so water is not wasted and it does not get in the way.

  3. Swath Sinkhole
  4. The screws, washer, and small items are difficult to handle and they easily slip away; therefore,  swath the sinkhole so that they may not find their way to the drain.

  5. Cover Removal of the Tap
  6. Take off the cover of tap to unscrew retaining screws and having removed it, take off the head of the tap.

  7. Headgear-Nut Removal  refrigerator repair los angeles
  8. Using a spanner with care, take out the headgear-nut without breaking pipe work; if you break the pipe,  then you might need to hire a plumber as it will create a major dripping. As soon as you take out the headgear-nut, you can see the washer.

  9. Washer Removal
  10. You can take off the washer by a using a screwdriver and you might need to oil it if it is jammed due to rust.

  11. Reinstate a New Washer
  12. Put in a new washer and lubricate the bottom.

  13. Put the Tap Back in Order
  14. Now you need to simply repeat the process, but in a reverse order.

Having put it back in order, turn on the water supply and check if your bathroom tap is still dripping or not. If not, then you have successfully repaired your bathroom tap.


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