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Gone are the years in which to find a tip about a game to which we can’t pass, it was not until it was launched a magazine of “Tips and Tricks” where was the trick there on how to pass a certain level in a given game. Also if we wanted to spend a game with “Cheats” we expect it to be released an official guide of the game where there could be a page about this, but today things are very different.

Today we live in an era where the boss is the Internet. You can find everything on the Internet, so it becomes easier. But this is not enough. Since the emergence of Youtube that some gamers have dedicated themselves to create YouTube channels where they themselves do Walktroughs on how to spend every game. It is normal for most people consult a walktrough on a particular game and know how to pass certain part that failed to pass alone. Or even see certain parts of the game before the purchase. Youtube has become a market for Gamers. But to what extent? That is what I will explain.

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Surely your gone to YouTube, even those that normaly not visit the platform knows. Youtube is a platform where you can put the videos made by you and be seen by the community. How that influenced the Gamers?

Right now Youtube is a market for domestic and international Gamers, for the simple fact that if you make a video that follows certain rules and you place on YouTube, depending on the number of views you can start profiting for a certain number of views that you have. Then the number of gamers to make Walktroughs and other videos has increased dramatically in recent years. The number of Youtubers is huge, but the best is that only a few stand out. Few can have the ability to attract audience and get millions of views per video per year.

It was through YouTube that the market for video games has also changed. Most games are announced via trailer, the channel of the companies, are discussed by several Youtubers, and the audience just watches, gives like, and comments. And when you exit the game most Youtubers having games like niche is limited to making a walktrough and helps those who actually demand and helps to spend a certain game. The market has changed, and how to help too. If it goes on like this, it’s something I can’t answer, but only later will we know.

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