Breast Enlargement – Reasons to Have a Boob Job

By getting boob jobs, women are able to achieve their dream body and feel more confident about their physique. However, it’s a misnomer to imagine most of them are pin-up models or Barbie dolls in the making. More often than not they’re just smart, middle-aged women looking to regain their original shape. Getting older and having children takes its toll on the body – which includes a loss of volume in the breasts – and many women simply want to reverse that trend.

Getting a boob job takes less than two hours, and is performed under a general anaesthetic. Two small incisions are made underneath the breasts in the natural crease, or in the arm pits, or on the lower edge of the nipple. The reason for these incision placement choices is to ensure the scars are tiny and discreetly placed.

It’s important to find an experienced surgeon as this will ensure the implants are correctly positioned, and the result is as seamless and natural-looking as possible.

The initial recovery period after a boob job lasts about a week, after which any stitches and dressings are removed. You will usually have to wear a special sports bra for up to three months to give your breasts extra support as they heal.

Silicone implants will last for 7-12 years, after which you can have them removed and/or replaced. This is a significant period of time which many women deem worth going under the knife for, especially since advances in technology are creating better and better results. Mega boobs
Improved self image

Having a boob job creates instant confidence. Provided you carefully choose the size and shape you want (and the surgeon delivers on that), the result is a full, pert, but natural-looking bosom. Not only will you look better naked but you can experiment with all sorts of new clothing, from low cut dresses, to tight strappy tops, and sexy lingerie.

It’s quite common for women to plan their boob jobs in time for summer. This timing means you can go wild when picking out your beachwear – throw away the frumpy bathing suit and bring on the string bikini! You’ll lose the apprehension about stripping down to your beachwear and be proud about your new breasts. You may even want to go topless and achieve an all-over tan..

Of course, if you have chosen to go large your new cleavage can attract attention, and more than a few admiring gazes from men (and women). This, too, will boost your ego and make you feel much more attractive and happy in your body.
The ideal body

In modern society, there is so much pressure on women to look good. Every day we are bombarded by pictures of celebrities looking amazing. Think of Renee Zellweger, Demi Moore, Victorian Beckham, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and many more – they have probably all had boob jobs (although they are unlikely to admit it).

The ideal feminine figure is slim in the waist and full in the chest – and that’s why boob jobs can have such a dramatic effect on women’s self-esteem. While any breast size is normal and healthy, surgery corrects any perceived deficiency, while simultaneously adding greater contrast to your waist and hips, balancing out your profile.

So whether you’re conscious of it or not, the mission for the average women is to achieve these incredibly feminine and glamorous looks. Whether you work in entertainment or insurance, there is little difference when it comes to looking and feeling womanly. We are all out to look the best we can.

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