Aero-Hydroponics, A New Way To Grow Hydroponically

Aero-hydroponics is a more complicated type of hydroponics in which oxygen is introduced into the nutrient solution that is constantly misting the plants roots. Growing mediums that can be used are rockwool, vine clips, net pots or any other means of supporting the plants in such a way as to expose their roots to the air. Exposing the roots to air helps them to take in the nutrients evenly and quickly. This promotes larger crop harvests and faster development. Plants that can be used in an aero-hydroponics system include melons, cucumbers, strawberries and several more. Aero-hydroponics can be a little trickier to than other types of hydroponic systems.

That being said, aero-hydroponics can also be a more effective way of growing organic crops. Even though aero-hydroponics systems need to have more complex equipment then the other methods, there are many benefits to using this method.

How Aero-hydroponics Works

Of all the different hydroponic methods available, aero-hydroponics is the most cutting-edge. Gardeners using this system can help their plants reach their full potential because of the increased amounts of dissolved oxygen that is absorbed by the roots. The extra oxygen actually helps the plants grow better. Oxygen is introduced to the root boundary zone when the nutrient solution is sprayed through the air allowing oxygen to mix with the solution and ultimately be absorbed by the roots. This system is cost effective because after the initial investment, there is hardly any waste in disposable items like growing media. hydroponics wholesaler

Aero-hydroponic System Construction

To build an aero-hydroponic system you can use different components which can be used in many different ways in different designs. In any design, the idea is that the plants should be supported by some means in a way that allows the roots to hang down. Under the roots is where the spraying of the nutrient solution takes place. There should be sufficient space to allow a good mixture of air and solution to mix.

You can design your own system or buy a pre-made system. One system you can set up in your own home is the AeroFlow system. Major components included in this system are a pump, a reservoir and individual growing containers in support structure. This system comes in several sizes depending on what your needs are. The growing containers provide the support the plants need while still allowing for oxygen, air and solution to reach the roots. Maintenance for this system is fairly simple. The nutrient solution must be changed every two weeks, conductivity or the amount of total dissolved salts needs to be maintained at 800-1200 ppm, and pH level should be kept right around 5.5 to 6.5. The pH tends to remain pretty stable in this system due to the fact that growing medium is not used. The only time the pH is adjusted is when you’re mixing a fresh batch of the nutrient solution.

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