7 Safe Measures That Can Increase Female Libido


A person’s sexual desire influences by biological, social, psychological and physical factors. We all know physiologically sex hormones are responsible for libido in humans. However, the psychological and social factors can affect libido where you may experience hyposexuality or hypersexuality.

Even there is no measure of a healthy sexual desire, but some tend to exhibit less frequent and lower libido- ‘the intensity of sexual desire’. If we talk about female libido, it can fluctuate naturally. Highs and lows can be frequent depending on physical or psychological changes such as pregnancy, mood swings, menopause or any illnesses.

Here are some of the safe and natural ways that can help to boost up female libido-

1) Identify the symptoms

Before making any step to increase your libido identifying the symptoms is necessary. The symptoms may include-

  • Not interested at all in any intimate activities.
  • Painful intercourse or cannot have an orgasm.
  • Trust issues due to poor communication or unresolved conflicts.

2) Make a schedule

Scheduling can sound weird, but it is tough to be in the mood when you are packed up in your to-do list. So, it is best to keep a specific and scheduled time rather than going straight into bed. Planning dates and spending more quality time can help you engage yourself more in intimate activities that will improve your libido.

3) Use different ways of arising libido

Initiating in a proper and particular way every time can become a vital cause of losing interest. At this point, spicing up with various ways can help you raise your libido. While these are not the permanent fix but arousal aids that benefits you to enhance libido.

4) Manage your stress

Don’t let yourself stressed. A stressed body produces more cortisol hormone that over time deduced your desire for sexual intimacy. A stressful mind can never allow you to relax. Anxiety, frustration can act as a common barrier to sexual activities. Once you deal with your stress, your body will relax, that can help to get your libido back.

5) Now comes what to do to manage your stress that is directly affecting your intimate desires!

  • Things you can do to manage your stress
    • Meditation is one of the best ways to cope with stress and anxiety- Needless to say, a women’s thought often runs through various judgmental thoughts that effects and prevents from feeling the sexual stimuli. To overcome this, mindfulness meditation can help you to improve your libido.
    • Getting proper and plenty of sleep- Sleeping helps to relax nerves and lowers the exhaustion. Good sleep can improve your mood, thereby making you feel fresh enough and boost up your energy level that directly links with the quality of libido.

6) Try certain libido-boosting foods

Certain foods help to boost up libido.

  • Chocolates- Chocolates are believed to be the symbol of desire that gives pure happiness. Not only for the taste but also because it can improve sexual desire.
  • Fruits- Certain fruits are specific in holding specific vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy sex life. Fruits like banana, avocado can help to boost up your sex drive.

7) Physical fitness

Healthy living can make a big difference to gain strength and stamina that will lift your mood to enhance your libido. This you can achieve by doing regular exercise. Exercising will never be fruitful if you keep your bad habits with you. Ditching bad habits like smoking, drinking too much of alcoholic beverages, sacrificing sleep, having too much junk can unwillingly depress the hormone functions that can make you feel unhappy about your sexual health.

These are some of the safety measures that can increase libido and make you feel secure and comfortable with your sexual desires.

8) Medicine

You can also use medicine that give you 100% result such as estraval depot injection alternative of progynon depot from generic island that contain a female sex hormone estrogen.

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